Applying for asylum or for a visa can be quite stressful in a foreign country. We can assist you with this process.

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What are the forms of VISA’s available

Transit visas for the purpose of transiting the Republic enroute to a neighbouring country
Visitor’s visas for visits not exceeding 90 days
Visitor’s visas for activities longer than 90 days but not exceeding three years;
South African visitors’ visas may be granted for:
• visits to family or friends and also for tourism purposes
• business purposes
• spouse to join a spouse who is in South Africa on a work or study permit
• children to join parents who are in South Africa on work or study permits
• fiancée/ fiancé to join his or her partner with the intension of marrying within 90 days
• study purposes (max stay 3-months)
• charitable or voluntary activities
• research
• conferences
• to work in the production of an movie or show (i.e. in the entertainment industry)
• for medical purposes (max stay 3-months)
• sport events

• Direct Residence Permit
• Critical skills Visa
• Business Visa
• Section 27(c) Refugees Visa
• retired persons visa
• are financially independent visa
• are relatives visa


We can also assist you in the Review and appeals of previously made decisions.


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